SC Inland Port Greer shipping crates stacked in rows

SC Ports Awards GDC $2,500 Grant

The SC Ports Authority is giving away more than $250K, and Greer Development Corporation is one of 90 organizations that will benefit.

A $2,500 Community Giving grant will help further GDC’s mission to be a catalyst for sustainable economic growth in our area. Greer Community Ministries and Greer Relief & Resources Agency are also on the list of this year’s recipients.

SCPA sets aside a portion of its revenue each year to support charitable organizations across the state. The grant program focuses on supporting non-profit organizations in these areas of focus: economic development, maritime commerce, environmental awareness, or community outreach.

Kelsi Brewer, SC Ports’ Director of Corporate Communications and Community Giving, said the grant amounts increased to $2,500, $5,000, and $7,500 this year. Brewer said,

“We are so proud that this year marks the most SC Ports has ever given through our Community Giving Program. These funds will support the efforts of nonprofits around the state who are working so hard to make meaningful impacts for South Carolinians.”