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S.C. Inland Port rail moves increase

Rail moves, the S.C. Inland Port’s public measure of business activity, increased by 77% in 2015. The inland port finished its second full year of operation with a strong December. The truck-rail terminal at Greer recorded 75,111 moves in 2015 and 7,824 in December, more than double the 3,741 during the same month last year.

S.C. State Ports Authority spokeswoman Erin Dhand said a report on January rail moves at the inland port would be released Feb. 17. Records show 42,555 rail moves in 2014 and 5,068 in January 2015, up from 1,711 a year earlier.

The self-supporting state agency does not provide details about inland port revenue sources or identify customers who use the $49 million intermodal terminal that exclusively uses Norfolk Southern Corp. for rail services.

Dhand said in an email that the ports authority has 23 employees in Greer, about the same number as a year ago, and about 3,500 containers at the facility. Dhand said that count includes empty containers and is not an indicator of business activity or growth. In April 2015, inland port Manager Michael Hoffman said there were about 4,000 containers.