How To Start A Business in Greer, SC

Starting a Business in Greer, SC

Are you considering starting a new business in Greer, SC?  You couldn’t make a better move.

Greer, SC has become a destination for diners, shoppers, and business-people from across the Upstate. From fine dining in Greer Station to specialty shops on Wade Hampton Boulevard, businesses are finding our area to be one of the fastest-growing in South Carolina. Residents appreciate the fun and convenience of doing business right here in Greer. With a supportive Chamber of Commerce, a Development Corporation that continues to raise the quality of life, and unsurpassed city services, there is no better time to choose a small corner of Greer as a site for your business.

Ever wondered how to start your own business? This toolkit will help educate prospective business owners on the departments, procedures, and contact information that will help establish a business in Greer, SC.