Pure On Main Opening Pure Wellness Spa in Downtown Greer

GREER, S.C. – Owner of Pure On Main in downtown Greenville, SC, Betsy Exton, is announcing the expansion of her brand of preventative natural health to downtown Greer in November 2020. Downtown Greer has seen a recent increase in business openings and expansions as a result of the City’s CenterG Streetscape project.

CenterG Phase 2 is currently focused on Cannon Street where Pure Wellness Spa will continue the women-owned trend. Exton chose her new location adjacent to Namaste Fitness Studio and across the street from The Spinning Jenny because she believes in serving the community with health support alongside other entrepreneurs who share her passion and approach to building community and inspiration.

Exton explained her philosophy, “We’re all super aware, especially since the 2020 pandemic, that our immune system is our first line of defense against dangerous pathogens like COVID-19. At Pure On Main, & soon Pure Wellness Spa, we advocate keeping the body free of toxins and supporting the immune system with all-natural herbs, vitamins, and supplements, while eliminating the toxins carefully and strategically. Our motto has always been, GOOD IN & BAD OUT.” Pure Wellness Spa will offer colon hydrotherapy, several massage therapies, wellness consulting, stretch therapy, detox body scrubs/facials, sauna, herbs, and supplements similar to its sister location, Pure On Main.

Namaste Fitness, owned by Tiffany Price, has paved the way by inspiring the Greer community to evolve to a higher level of wellbeing. “As a health coach and fitness expert, I understand the value of detox and natural health support. Betsy’s expertise, as well as her dedicated and highly professional team, will be warmly welcomed by the Namaste Fitness family,” shared Tiffany Price.

Mayor Rick Danner stated, “One of the primary reasons the City invested in the CenterG Streetscape project and in particular Phase 2, was to expand the footprint of downtown Greer. With Trade Street nearly fully occupied we appreciate the efforts of Kurt and Tiffany Price and others that are developing retail space on Cannon Street as part of the City’s vision. Today’s announcement about the upcoming opening of Pure Wellness Spa helps validate both the City’s investment as well as others that are investing in the Cannon Street area. The City thanks the owners of Pure Wellness Spa for their commitment to downtown Greer and wishes them much success.”

Pure Wellness Spa is scheduled to open in November. For more information, they can be reached at Pure On Main (864) 991-2726 or check out the current website www.pureonmain.com.


The Greer Development Corporation’s (GDC) mission is to be a catalyst for sustainable economic growth to secure Greer’s future. GDC works to increase the wealth-creating opportunities in the community, while preserving the high quality of life in one of South Carolina’s fastest growing communities.

Greer Station is the business association for Historic Downtown Greer. To learn more visit our website at www.greerstation.com

About Pure On Main
Pure On Main is a health and wellness organization that strives to provide education, compassion, the best natural products, and top-of-the-line therapies to its customers/clients so that they can achieve optimal well-being. Their unique team of healers are driven to meet the needs of each individual by implementing the latest and greatest information, committed to being a “results driven” organization, and having genuine compassion for everyone to obtain their highest potential mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

About Betsy Exton
Betsy Exton, owner and executive officer, has been fueled by helping people for over two decades. Originally from Upstate New York, she made the move down south to complete her Masters Degree in Education and Health. While trained in multiple fields, Betsy chose the path of natural wellness. After her own frustrations and struggle with digestive issues and depression, she ventured out into the world of cleansing, detoxing, and using plants and herbs alongside therapies and other holistic modalities. Betsy left the Carolinas to move to Puerto Rico, and after training under some of the most credible cleansing gurus in her field, she focused herself on advancing at the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy. She helped introduce Upstate SC to the benefits of cleansing and gut health. While working at Creative Health as a therapist, she also spent several years on the road with the Tony Robbins Institute, travelling in many countries, offering guidance in individual health journeys. Finally Betsy opened Pure On Main in Greenville. She and her team have earned great respect and an undeniable reputation for dedication, commitment, knowledge, and expertise in helping people achieve their wellness goals.