Platform at Greer Announces Mentoring Program

GREER, S.C. – The Platform at Greer, an entrepreneurial program of Greer Development Corporation, is announcing the launch of a Mentoring program for entrepreneurs.

The Platform at Greer, launched in 2019, continuously innovates ways to build a culture of entrepreneurship in Greer. Our programs include the Business/Entrepreneur Bootcamp which welcomes Cohort 5 in March 2022, Business Huddle, Summit, IGNITE Greer, and now Mentoring. The overarching goal of The Platform at Greer programs is to provide support for business growth to both entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to reach the next level of growth. This is achieved by matching Big and Small – volunteers from big corporations (including BMW, Michelin, and Sage Automotive Interiors) with the entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to grow through the different formats our programs provide.

The Platform at Greer is excited to announce its newest initiative, a Mentoring program for business leaders. A group of entrepreneurs and small business owners will be matched for each Mentoring Cohort. The participants will receive personalized mentoring over 6 months from another successful entrepreneur or a business person. These mentors will share their advice on business challenges in an informal setting to provide a different perspective on issues that may seem overwhelming to newer entrepreneurs.

Our first Mentoring Cohort includes Creative Tempest, Bobby’s BBQ and Catering, Gates Technology, Greenville Christmas Trees, and Upstate Smart Home Solutions. Following the completion of the initial mentoring groups, The Platform at Greer will develop an application process for future Mentoring Cohorts.

The Platform at Greer’s Mentoring program grew out of the Business / Entrepreneur Bootcamps where entrepreneurs like Shelly Waite-Bey, owner of Waite SLTS a Cybersecurity consulting and training business, expressed her appreciation for the coaching provided.

Waite-Bey stated, “What stood out was everyone’s willingness to help and empower, even after the Bootcamp. I now have mentors with whom I can be vulnerable and open to talk about my business fears and anxieties.”

Greer Development Corporation Executive Director, Reno Deaton, stated, “With an initial goal to help create a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Greer, The Platform at Greer now offers a full eco-system of opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators who want assistance and support to develop their business and who appreciate the experience of being in a supportive community. Through the work of our corporate partners, core leadership team, and the many entrepreneurs who validate the quality of our programs, we are proving that Greer is an innovative and entrepreneurial community and that entrepreneurs and innovators can be successful here.”

The Platform at Greer’s entrepreneurship initiative encompasses five programs to provide support and growth opportunities to local businesses and entrepreneurs: IGNITE Greer, Huddle, Business Summit, Business and Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp, and Mentoring. To learn more visit our website To apply for The Platform at Greer’s upcoming Bootcamp, visit


The Platform at Greer is an Entrepreneurship Program located in Greer, SC. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or your small business has reached critical mass, The Platform provides you a community of collaborators and resources to start your journey or maximize the path to your final destination.

The Greer Development Corporation’s (GDC) mission is to be a catalyst for sustainable economic growth to secure Greer’s future. GDC works to increase the wealth-creating opportunities in the community, while preserving the high quality of life in one of South Carolina’s fastest growing communities.