Photography Business Changes Business Model Due to Covid-19 and Expands in Downtown Greer

GREER, S.C. – Dove Light Photography (DLP) is announcing their expansion into new studio space in downtown Greer, South Carolina. The impact of COVID-19 on the photography industry led to DLP restructuring their business model to meet the needs of new business operations, which has led to this expansion.

In March, when businesses were impacted by the pandemic, weddings and events were being postponed or cancelled. “There was about 1 week in March where a huge amount of cancellations hit at once,” said Jason Massey and his wife, Tara who both own DLP. “We didn’t need to be cancelled, people needed us more than ever.”

Nonprofit organizations and churches shifted to virtual fundraisers and online sermons, the real estate market pivoted to virtual tours, and service providers needed videos to promote their social distancing and extra safety measures. Sonia Bogdanov, owner of Everest Plumbing said, “The moment COVID came around we were struggling with adapting to the marketing, and you guys (DLP) were on top of it. For us to have a video done so fast in the first few weeks of COVID, and being able to have those videos for people to see and communicate all of our safety measures, was key.”

The increased business led to the opportunity for expansion. “Before March 2020, we thrived on in‑person networking so when the pandemic hit, it was tough not seeing other business owners in person. We did not expect Greer businesses to welcome us so warmly and help get us connected in the midst of a pandemic” said Jason and Tara. “We saw a wealth of opportunity in Greer Station and decided to open a studio downtown to be a part of the culture.” DLP will use the space to conduct consultations, shoots, virtual workshops, networking programs, and in-person workshops in the future. “We have a lot of vision for this space, but more will be revealed in time,” says Tara.  The studio at 118 Victoria Street is also available for other photographers and videographers to rent for their use.

Mayor Rick Danner stated “One of the factors of the success of Greer Station is the diversity of businesses. In that vein, we want to welcome Dove Light Photography to Greer. The growing number of artisans, craftsmen, and professional specialists validates that Greer Station is a vibrant, growing destination for creative businesses such as Dove Light Photography and others.”

Dove Light Photography has already begun partnering with Greer Station merchants on promotional videos posted to the Greer Station website:


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