Partnership for Tomorrow Announces Winners of the 2018-19 Make Greer Great Grant

The Partnership for Tomorrow (“PFT”) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018-2019 Make Greer Great Grant. PFT created the grant program to give organizations, civic clubs, neighborhood associations, and residents of the Greer community support for innovative and creative new projects that help make the Greer community a better place to live, to work, to visit, and to raise a family. The recipients are as follows:

Recipient Project
Jessie Cochran Create a Greer Running Club
Danielle Prestifilippo Create a Mural in Downtown Greer
Elanor Vaughn Create a Greenville Literacy Association Event in Greer to build employability skills for bilingual and English as a second language job seekers
Donna Yarborough Create the Nancy Welch Memorial Butterfly Garden


PFT received 10 applications for funding new and innovative community projects and programming.  A Grant Review Committee consisting of six PFT Board members reviewed the applications and made the decision to fund four requests based on each project’s potential impact to the Greer community and the sustainability of the proposed project.

“It is so exciting to be able to help a new organization come to life, another continue its strong community mission and another recognize a vital community member’s contributions throughout their lifetime,” said Jill Waters, Chair of the PFT Grant Review Committee. “That is why being a member of the PFT board is so rewarding to me.”

Grant recipients will have until May 31, 2019 to complete their projects.

“I’m really excited to bring a running group to Greer,” said Jessie Cochran. “Running and walking have many health benefits, but I love the sport because of the social aspect. It brings people of different ages and paces together and creates a community. I plan on starting with a weekly run of 3-4 miles that is open to everyone. I also plan on focusing the weekly run around Greer restaurants, so after the run there’s some good food along with fellowship! I’ve been on a number of running teams, from high school, college, and beyond, and thankful for the relationships I’ve formed along the way. I’m excited to bring that same concept here in Greer!”

“Greenville Literacy Association is pleased to accept the Make Greer Great grant from the Greer Partnership for Tomorrow,” said Elanor Vaughn. “With this funding, GLA will expand our impact in Greer with our first-ever Educate to Elevate event, a week-long celebration of the educational and workforce opportunities that GLA and Greer have to offer!”

“The Greer Council of Garden Clubs and Greer Parks and Recreation are partnering to create the Nancy Welch Memorial Butterfly Garden in City Park, downtown Greer,” said Donna Yarborough.  “Our vision includes landscaping with the correct pollinator plants for our area for their beauty as well as benefits for the birds, bees, butterflies and wildlife. With a meditation bench and proper signage, the garden will be a perfect way for the community to honor Nancy Welch, the gardener and educator.”

PFT is a community initiative formed in 1998 to help to shape the future of Greer. Now in its 20th year, PFT has provided an effective platform for business, civic, government, and community leaders in Greer to address the issues and concerns related to the growth of the Greater Greer Community and the opportunities it brings to the area. PFT has played an important role in Greer’s planning efforts through the completion of two community master plans in partnership with the City of Greer. PFT has also helped to boost Greer’s quality of life and to promote economic development by channeling funds into innovative programming, the Greer Farmer’s Market, festivals, and the arts in Greer.

“We are very excited to continue to provide funds to individuals and organizations that are innovative in finding ways to make Greer a great place to visit, work and live,” said Jack Lucas, Partnership for Tomorrow chairman. “Whether you are coming to Greer to visit or to make Greer your home, stop by downtown Greer to see what we are doing to make Greer great.”

For more information on the Make Greer Great grant program, the Partnership for Tomorrow, and its contributors call (864) 416-0125.