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Downtown Greer is the historic heart of Greer, SC. A national historic district, the downtown blends old time charm and architecture with vibrant restaurants, unique retail, and quality personal and professional services.

Positioned midway between Greenville and Spartanburg, Greer is the geographic heart of the upstate. In addition, the downtown, which covers approximately 12 square blocks, has the greatest concentration of quality turn of the century buildings in the Upstate, complemented by a unique and walk-able street pattern that conveys an intimate scale and small village atmosphere

At present, downtown Greer is experiencing a rebirth. Greer Station, as the downtown is known, is once again the City Center and focal point of the Greer community. With over 40 new businesses, streetscape improvements, restoration and renovation efforts on historic buildings, and a number of events and festivals, Greer Station is a destination in the Upstate.

Greer Station embodies a unique blend of historic charm, vibrant community, and successful business. To learn more, please visit

Downtown Greer Property Tax Incentives

For more information on these incentive programs, please contact us.

Greer Station is the Central Business District of the City of Greer. As such, downtown buildings are applicable for the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority’s Façade Improvement Grant Program. This is a reimbursement grant program that provides up to $5,000 to finance exterior improvements to a commercial building. All projects must first be approved by the City of Greer’s Board of Architectural Review to insure adherence to downtown design guidelines and cohesion with the appearance of the downtown historic district.

Many buildings in Greer Station are on the National Historic Register or are contributing buildings to the Greer Downtown Historic District. This standing makes these buildings applicable for property tax incentives at several levels of government. The City of Greer’s Special Tax Assessment for the Rehabilitation of Historic Properties freezes the appraised value of the building, for tax purposes, at the pre-rehabilitated value for a period of 5-20 years as a function of rehabilitation costs and property value. The State of South Carolina’s State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit allows a percentage of the qualified rehabilitation expenditures, defined as those that qualify for the federal income tax credit, to be used as a credit against a combination of income taxes and license fees. The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax credit allows for 20% of the qualifying expenses of your rehabilitation to be used as a credit against income taxes. In general, each dollar of tax credit earned reduces the amount of federal income taxes owed by one dollar.

Buildings in or around Greer Station that meet the standing “66% of which has been closed continuously or otherwise nonoperational for at least 5 years,” qualify for the state of South Carolina’s Abandoned Building Revitalization Act tax credit. This tax credit allows property owners that incur applicable rehabilitation expenses to earn credits that can be applied against income taxes for a period of 5 years or property taxes for a period up to 8 years.