Find Your Spot: Parking in Greer Station

Parking in Greer Station just got easier with the introduction of the Greer Station Parking Website.

Greer Station has 685 free public parking spaces available 24 hours a day. An additional 440 free spaces are available after business hours. To make finding these spots easy, the Greer Station Association has created a parking website to help visitors locate and navigate to these free parking lots.

The Greer Station Parking Website is an interactive experience. When you open the website for the first time, you will be prompted to share your location. Agreeing to this prompt allows the website to access your GPS and place a blue dot on your current coordinates. Your location will be shown in relation to the parking options and provide you with driving directions if you desire. On the map, all hours lots are outlined in burgundy, street parking is marked with a burgundy dot, and after hours parking is marked with a green circle. For information the number of spaces in a lot or to access driving directions, select the desired lot by clicking or tapping on it.

“We are really excited to be launching this website and sharing it with the public,” said Kyle Mensing, Commercial Development Director with Greer Development Corporation. “Sharing information related to downtown businesses, how to find them, and where to park is a great service provided by the Greer Station Association. It’s excellent to be able to bring that offering in to the 21st century and capitalize on the amazing technology we carry around in our pockets.”

To use the Greer Station Parking website visit On smartphones, ensure location services are turned on and accept sharing your location with the page to access driving directions.