Express Bridge Loan Program Now Available

The Express Bridge loan program allows SBA Express lenders to provide expedited financing to small businesses located in declared disaster areas.

Express Bridge loans are intended to be interim loans. Businesses use these funds for disaster-related purposes while they apply for and await long-term financing.

Loan Details:

Maximum Loan Amount: Up to $25,000

Maximum Term: Up to 7 years

Only lenders that were already participating in the SBA Express program at the time of the disaster can issue Express Bridge loans. These lenders may issue Express Bridge loans only to eligible small businesses that had an existing banking relationship with the lender at the time of the disaster.

Lenders can issue Express Bridge loans up to six months after the disaster declaration. Lenders may require a borrower to pay down or pay off the Express Bridge loan if the borrower is approved for long-term disaster financing that may be used to reimburse the Express Bridge loan.

To apply, contact your current financial institution to see if they are an SBA Express Lender.

Free Counseling Assistance

Free assistance with reconstructing financial records, preparing financial statements and submitting the loan application is available from SBA’s partners: Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) and SCORE.

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