Greer Sets New Gross Retail Sales Record

The City of Greer Sets A New Record for Gross Retail Sales

In Fiscal Year 2016, the City of Greer recorded a record $1,154,134,956 in Gross Retail Sales including $711,739,018 in sales in the portion of the City of Greer located in Greenville County and $442,395,937 in the portion of the City of Greer located in Spartanburg County.  This represents an increase of nearly 12% compared to Fiscal Year 2015.

“The 2016 gross retail sales figure speaks volumes about the public’s view of the commercial climate in the City of Greer. Whether it is a family trip to one of our fine retailers or a private dinner for two in Greer Station, Upstate residents and other visitors are treated to tremendous quality, value and service. The numbers would indicate that they are returning to city retailers for that experience over and over,” Greer City Administrator Ed Driggers said.

High traffic commercial areas in the City of Greer, such as Wade Hampton Boulevard, are heavily populated with big box retail and car dealerships.  Greer’s historic downtown, branded as Greer Station, offers a combination of specialty retail and niche restaurants.

“A continued rise in gross retail sales is a great indicator of the economic climate in Greer. Not many communities have both residential and commercial growth at the same time, but we’re very fortunate to have that in Greer. As residents find the City of Greer a great place to live, more businesses are locating here and expanding their offerings to serve the needs of the community,” said Mark Owens, President and CEO of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce. “This figure reflects both the growth and vibrancy we have in the community. It serves as justification of the time and commitment that goes into economic development – not only recruiting new businesses but also helping those that are already here grow.”

New retail projects in the City of Greer like Riverside Crossing anchored by Lowes Foods and a huge increase in quality, new single family homes suggest that Greer will continue to be among the leaders in the Upstate for retail sales.

“High traffic counts and Greer’s proximity to BMW, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, and the Inland Port is a recipe for quality retail growth in Greer,” said Reno Deaton, Executive Director of the Greer Development Corporation.  “But the true credit belongs to hard working retailers and restaurant owners in Greer who have defined the Greer retail market with world class customer service and a very attractive product mix.”