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Baier & Michels Expands Distribution Operations in Greer and adds a Quality Department

The Greer Development Corporation and the Spartanburg County Economic Futures Group are pleased to announce the expansion of Baier & Michels.

German-based Baier & Michels originally located in Greer in 2008.  A distributor of fasteners for the automotive industry, Baier & Michels established their United States operations in Greer as a way to serve and to develop the automotive supply business.  Baier & Michels quickly developed relationships with Tier One suppliers such as Lear and Faurecia, and Baier & Michels fasteners can now be found in a number of highly regarded automotive brands including BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Chrysler, and Nissan.

“Originally, we considered Greer, SC and Alabama for our United States operations,” said Tony Kadrijaj, Vice President of Sales and Technic for Baier & Michels.  “On paper, South Carolina is a great place to do business, but it was the support that we received that really attracted us to Greer.  From the State, to the County, to the local level, we have received so much support and help as we have developed our operations.”

Just three short years later, Baier & Michels is expanding its distribution operations and adding a quality department.  Company representatives attribute this success to quality customer service.  “We are not just a wholesale automotive supplier,” said Eladio Martinez, Sales Manager for North America.  “We specialize in technical support, engineering support, and logistics.  Our customers consider us partners, and exceeding their expectations is very important to us.”

Baier & Michels utilizes an innovative Vendor Management Inventory system that assures a timely delivery of fasteners.  Their current expansion is estimated to include $1 million in new capital investment, and Baier & Michels plans to add four jobs by the end of the calendar year.  Included in this expansion is the addition of a Quality Department to continue Baier & Michels’ ability to meet the exacting standards of the automotive industry.

“Our plan is to grow this business based on customer service and reliable performance,” Kadrijaj said.  “If our projections hold true, we will see an increase in sales of 300% within the next five years.”

For more information on Baier & Michels visit their website.