Greer, South Carolina enjoys a superb climate year round thanks to its proximity to both the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Summer temperatures reach highs in the mid 80’s to low 90’s. Autumn temperatures reach highs in the 70’s and 80’s with great color and 70 degree weather frequently lasting into November and sometimes into December. Winters are mild and brief with periods of 70 degree days returning in late February or early March. Rainfall in the Greer area averages just over 50 inches a year, and annual cumulative snowfall averages approximately 6 inches.

Average High/Low Temperature
(Degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius)

°F °C °F °C
January 50/30 10/1 July 88/68 31/20
February 54/32 12/2 August 86/67 30/19
March 63/39 17/4 September 81/61 27/16
April 72/47 22/8 October 71/49 22/9
May 79/56 26/13 November 62/40 17/4
June 85/64 29/17 December 53/33 12/5